Debbie Zanelotti


Debbie is a provider of  Model Q™ Retirement Income 

Additionally, Debbie is a provider of the Installment Sale Trust or IST.  More on that:

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Debbie is an integral part of a team of professionals trained in the principles and strategies of Retirement Income Planning, Business Planning, Wealth Preservation, Succession Planning. Financial, Estate, Business, Tax Planning & Investment Protection

Specialties: Real Estate, Tax Advantaged Exit Planning, Laddered and arbitrage strategies, with tax benefits on contributions, tax deferral during asset growth, and tax benefits upon withdrawal, all greatly increasing your 'cash-on-cash return' without increasing your risk.

Financial Strategies for a Tax-Efficient Retirement
Tax Efficient Business Strategies
1031 Exchange Alternatives
Business Exit Strategies

IRA & Roth IRA, 401k, 403b, Defined Benefit Plans

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